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Here Are 11 More Characters in Monochrome Mobius

Aquaplus updated its website for Monochrome Mobius with new character designs and voice actors. There are a total of eleven new characters from the game that it showed off. Some of them appear to play major roles, while some are more supporting characters.

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The new characters on the Monochrome Mobius website, along with their voice actors, are:

  • Ashta (Miho Okasaki)
    Nava’s older sister and a traveling entertainer who meets Oshtor in a particular town.
  • Nava (Tomomi Mineuchi)
    Ashta’s younger sister. She looks older than Ashta but has a childish personality. Like her sister, she is adept at dancing and singing.
  • Dikotoma (Taiten Kusunoki)
    An old general that people say is the strongest in Yamato, and one of the Eight Pillar Generals. He loves alcohol but understands the heavy burden of responsibility on him, and has the trust of the emperor.
  • Raiko (Ryotaro Okiayu)
    The heir of a noble family governing Ashiwara, and the older brother of Mikazuchi. People referred to Raiko as a prodigy during his childhood, and he became one of the Eight Pillar Generals of Yamato despite his young age. He is a cold strategist who can see the greater picture, which is in stark contrast with his younger brother.
  • Maroro Ooki Sugiyama)
    A young man whom Oshtor and the others meet. He is from a noble house that has fallen on hard times, and he has a unique way of speaking and doing make-up. He aims to be a scholar so that he can support his family but he failed the test multiple times, leaving him unable to believe in his own talent.
  • Azuma (Tetsuro Miyata)
    The former governor of Ashiwara, and the father of Raiko and Mikazuchi. He has given the right to rule to Raiko, and though he is proud of his sons, he is more than aware of his own decline.
  • Vurai (Kenji Nomura)
    One of the Eight Pillar Generals. In terms of battle prowess, he is the most powerful warrior in the current generation. Though his appearance gives off a rather wild impression, he deeply believes in the emperor and loyally follows his orders.
  • Irawaji (Hiroshi Shirokuma)
    The ruler of Ennakamuy and Kiul’s grandfather. Though he is already in his old age, he has peacefully ruled Ennakamuy for a long time. He holds Oshtor in high regard and happily saw him off on his journey.
  • Torikori (Masayo Fujita)
    Oshtor and Nekone’s mother. She raised her children herself after the death of her husband. She is quiet and gentle, but has a strong heart.
  • Ryogen (Kaoru Morota)
    She is a retired Shinocchanai who lives in the forest near Ennakamuy. She is well-versed in performing ancient music and poetry, and once showed off her talents in front of the emperor.
  • Ishinen (Yuu Wakabayashi)
    A government official who lives in Tokara, which is in the southern region of Omuchakko Fields. He is sociable and friendly, and is cooperative to outsiders as well.

Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten is in development. It will come out worldwide on November 17, 2022 for the Windows PC. The Japanese version will be available on the PS4 and PS5.

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