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Here Are All the Fire Emblem Engage Characters’ Birthdays

Here Are All the Fire Emblem Engage Characters’ Birthdays

In Fire Emblem Engage, characters have birthdays! They also end up being sort of celebrated. In the case of a person’s avatar, something special will involve to commemorate them. As for other allies, well, they’ll acknowledge the fact it is their day. To help you keep track, here’s what goes on in-game on those special days.

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Here Are All the Fire Emblem Engage Characters’ Birthdays

What happens on Alear’s birthday in Fire Emblem Engage?

When you start a new game in Fire Emblem Engage, you can set Alear’s birthday. This can’t be changed, like many other initial details. So once you determine it is your day, that’s it.

In-game, that’s acknowledged with allies giving you “gift” items when you talk to them. All of them are from the standard gift category in-game. Which means you could then take those and give them to otehr characters who would appreciate them to increase support ranks.

Here Are All the Fire Emblem Engage Characters’ Birthdays

Here is the full list of Fire Emblem Engage character birthdays

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention when Saphir and Rosado’s birthdays rolled around. However, once Amber’s comes up in February, I’ll pop back in to update with details going over exactly what happens on a character’s birthday in Fire Emblem Engage.

All characters’ birthdays appear in the Ally Notebook section in Fire Emblem Engage. They’re the first page you unlock when someone joins, so you always have that detail available. Additional pages also include details about their likes and dislikes, as you increase supports with them.

We’ll have our list go in chronological order, to make it easier to sort. Be advised there will be spoilers in terms of characters who join your army!

  • January 6th: Pandreo
  • January 17th: Saphir
  • January 19th: Rosado
  • February 3rd: Amber
  • February 14th: Fogado
  • March 10th: Both Clanne and Framme
  • March 31st: Jean
  • April 6th: Diamant
  • April 21st: Seadall
  • April 27th: Chloe
  • May 11th: Boucheron
  • May 25th: Lapis
  • May 30th: Bunet
  • June 3rd: Hortensia
  • June 8th: Anna
  • June 29th: Lindon
  • July 18th: Goldmary
  • July 28th: Yunaka
  • August 2nd: Zelkov
  • August 8th: Alfred
  • August 29th: Timerra
  • September 24th: Merrin
  • October 1st: Etie
  • October 15th: Alcryst
  • October 23th: Panette
  • November 4th: Louis
  • November 9th: Citrinne
  • November 17th: Ivy
  • November 26th: Vander
  • December 7th: Jade
  • December 18th: Celine
  • December 22nd: Kagetsu

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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