Here Are Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’s Character Popularity Poll Results Thus Far

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Koei Tecmo are holding a popularity contest to see which 9 of its 15 heroines will make it into Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. The final results will be announced at Tokyo Game Show this month, but here’s the poll’s mid-point rankings for now.



The above shows its current rankings at:


  • Marie Rose: 17.1%


  • Honoka: 14.8%


  • Kasumi: 11.5%


  • Ayane: 9.2%


  • Kokoro: 8.3%


  • Nyotengu: 7.2%


  • Hitomi: 6.4%


  • Momiji: 4.9%


  • Lei Fang: 4.6%


The below are characters that are currently not in the top 9:


  • Helena: 4.2%


  • Tina: 3.9%


  • Mila: 3.0%


  • Rachel: 1.7%


  • Lisa: 1.7%


  • Christie: 1.7%


The top 9 characters that get their themes downloaded will be in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune and Venus. The number one most downloaded character will get a special costume for the first-print bonus of the PlayStation 4 version of the game, while the second most voted character will get the first-print bonus costume for the PlayStation Vita version.

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