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Last month, Famitsu reached out to both Japanese and Western Octopath Traveler players in order to find out who people chose as their first main character, what secondary job they chose, and more. Here are the results:


Total number of participants + No. of people who played Bravely series before

octopath survey 3 (2)


A grand total of 3,584 travelers showed up to give their survey answers, with 1,426 Japanese players answering and 2,158 overseas fans finishing the survey. Out of the people who replied, most players had played the game somewhere in between 31-100 hours.

As for people who had played planner & producer Tomoya Asano’s previous games, the Bravely series, before playing Octopath Traveler: More people in Japan hadn’t played those games, while overseas more players had played through those games beforehand.


Favorite aspect of the game

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As for what players liked the most about Octopath Traveler, Japanese players voted mostly for the HD-2D pixel graphics, as well as various other reasons. Overseas players overwhelmingly voted for the Break and Command Boost battle systems. In both regions, having eight main characters to choose from was also a popular feature.


First main character ranking

octopath survey 7


Somehow, both regions’ players had (mostly) the same tastes when it came to choosing their first characters – Cyrus was first and Therion was second in terms of popularity. As for the least chosen main characters, Olberic and Alfyn took the bottom places. Tressa ranked decently high in both cases, while H’aanit and Primrose varied greatly in rankings.


Favorite main character

octopath survey 8 (2)


Cyrus once again took both top spots in the Favorite Main Character category. Tressa, Therion, and Primrose were the other high placers in this category, shifting around 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places.

Despite being the last place for First Character Chosen, Alfyn made a comeback in the Japanese chart, as players seemingly warmed up to him over the course of the story. H’aanit, despite being a high contender for the first main character choice in the West, ended up second-last in terms of points allocated.


Favorite Main Story

octopath survey 9


Next was the Main Story ranking, and Olberic, true to his unbending blade, shot up to first place in Japan, despite wallowing behind twice. Primrose’s story of revenge was second in Japan and took the top spot in the West. Apart from Olberic and Primrose (curiously, they are the two who appeared in the first demo), Cyrus’ story was also very highly rated in both regions.


Favorite Events and Most Impressive Boss Fight

octopath survey 10

octopath survey 11


The events in Olberic’s story relating to Erdhardt were quite highly praised in Japan, being somewhat mainstream, but in a very well done way. The finale of Primrose’s story was quite highly rated in both regions. As for bosses, Alfyn’s Chapter 3 boss, Miguel, took the cake in Japan, and while Miguel also left a big impression in the West, Simeon was also voted for many times as well.


Favorite secondary jobs

octopath survey 12 octopath survey 13


Several combinations of classes were highly ranked in both places, such as Cyrus using the Augur hidden job, Tressa as a Rune Lord, Alfyn as a Warrior, and Olberic as a Warlord. However, Japan and the West differed over whether Ophelia should be an Augur or Enchanter, whether Primrose should be an Augur or Cleric, whether Therion should be a Warlord or Hunter, and whether H’aanit should be a Warrior or Warlord.


Favorite Skill

octopath survey 14 (2)


Bewildering Grace was Western player’s favorite skill out of every job, because of the random effectiveness. Other highly rated skills were the Merchant job’s Donate BP, Thief’s Steal SP, and Cleric’s Aelfric’s Auspices.


Favorite Path Action

octopath survey 18


Therion’s Steal was the most popular and most used Path Action, alongside Cyrus’ Scrutinize. Actually, Japan and the West’s rankings matched up completely, being –

Steal > Scrutinize > Inquire > Purchase > Challenge > Guide > Allure > Provoke.


Here are some comments from Japanese fans:

“Steal. Just steal. Steal until you get what you want.”

“That feeling when you succeed at 3%, but fail an 80%…”

“It was kinda cute to see Cyrus and Therion fail their Path Actions at a high probability.”


Favorite Music

octopath survey 19 (2)


While Western players didn’t vote on their favorite tunes, “Decisive Battle 2,” the Octopath Traveler main theme, and “Battle 1” were popular in both regions. Other tracks included “Battle at Journey’s End” and “Primrose’s Theme.”


Requests for the developer

octopath survey 20 (2)


Some comments in Japanese:

“I’d like to see a sequel or DLC.”

“I just want Octopath Traveler 2 as soon as possible. After playing 100 hours, I’ve run out of things to do, but I still have an itch to play more.”

“I really like the look of the battle jobs, so I’d like the characters’ field appearance to reflect that as well.”

“I’d like a party chat replay feature.”


Octopath Traveler is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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