Here are Some Bunny Pokemon You Could Use for a Year of the Rabbit Team

Happy New Year, everyone! 2023 is the year of the rabbit, so I figured now would be a good time to revisit the various bunny Pokemon available right now. Granted, every character might not appear in each game. For example, we know the Buneary, Bunnelby, and Nidoran lines, as well as Minun and Plusle, aren’t in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But it can still be helpful to go over the various characters that showed up over the years. Especially since, like Cinderace, things like Tera Raids, expansions, or Pokemon Home compatibility updates could result in them showing up in more games.

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Here are All Bunny Pokemon You Could Use for a Year of the Rabbit Team


Azumarill is one of those weird situations where as the character evolves, it becomes more bunny-like. Azurill and Marill are both more mouse-like. By the time this water and fairy type is all grown up, it is essentially a rabbit. Also, it’s a fantastic character to use thanks to moves like Belly Drum. You can find this new friend in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet right now. It also joined Pokemon Unite in 2022.

plusle minun

Plusle and Minun

A team with Plusle and/or Minun on it probably isn’t going to set the world on fire, but these are absolutely recognizable bunny Pokemon. Both are electric types that don’t evolve. They’re pretty good at supporting other members of the team with moves like Baton Pass and Helping Hand.

Here are All Bunny Pokemon You Could Use for a Year of the Rabbit Team Buneary

Buneary and Lopunny

Both Buneary and its evolved form Lopunny, as well as Mega Lopunny, are two of the Pokemon most likely to come to mind when you think of ones based on a rabbit. Both Buneary and Lopunny are normal types, though the Mega form does get a fighting type added as well. It tends to be fairly strong too, with moves like Headbutt and High Jump Kick helping it out.


Bunnelby and Diggersby

Bunnelby and Diggersby are two pseudo-rabbits that can hit hard! It starts out as a sole normal type, until it evolves into Diggersby and becomes a normal and ground type. It being immune to both electric and ghost-type attacks once fully evolved is a great boon. Its stats are solid, and moves like Earthquake will probably help out a lot.

Cinderace Tera Raid

Scorbunny, Raboot, and Cinderace

Like Azumarill and Lopunny, Cinderace is one of the more helpful and versatile bunny Pokemon you could add to your team. That tends to happen with starters in the series, after all! This line is a straightforward fire-type all the way. However, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid one is a fighting Tera type, which really helps for some of its moves. Its signature attack, Pyro Ball, is great.

Here are All Bunny Pokemon You Could Use for a Year of the Rabbit Team Nidoran

Nidoran, Nidorino, Nidoqueen, and Nidoking

I know by the time Nidoqueen and Nidoking roll around, these Pokemon are looking like kaiju, but Nidoran starts out as a pretty bunny-like buddy! Both the male and female versions feature the same sort of incisors and long ears as a rabbit. They’re also some of the most recognizable poison-type Pokemon out there, with both getting poison and ground dual typing by the Nidoqueen and Nidoking stage. Plus Nidoqueen’s Superpower and Nidoking’s Megahorn can be helpful. Make sure they also know Toxic or some other move that can poison an opponent, and you should be good with this Pokemon that is probably, maybe, possibly loosely related to a rabbit!

The most recent Pokemon mainline game is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the Nintendo Switch.

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