Fu Xuan Relics and Light Cones build guide
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Here Are the Best Light Cones and Relics for Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail

Fu Xuan is a 5-star Quantum Preservation character in Honkai: Star Rail who can take a variety of Relics and Light Cones depending on what you want to use her for. While her Skill is her main usage, you can also think of her as a sub-DPS with her Ultimate. Here are some suggestions for what you can put on your own Fu Xuan.

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Fu Xuan Light Cones Honkai: Star Rail build guide
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Here are Some Light Cones that Work Well on Fu Xuan

As a side note, most of the Light Cones on this list are actually 3-star ones. That’s because I’m specifically focusing on how well they work with Fu Xuan’s kit. The majority of 4-star Preservation Light Cones focus either on raising DEF or improving Aggro. If you don’t like the idea of using a 3-star Light Cone, you can also use a 4-star stat stick.

  • She Already Shut Her Eyes
    Signature Light Cones are always the best for a character in Honkai: Star Rail and Fu Xuan is no exception. She Already Shut Her Eyes works perfectly with Fu Xuan’s kit, as it raises her Max HP and Energy Regeneration. It also passively increases the party’s DMG whenever the user loses HP. Ideally, Fu Xuan will always lose HP because you always want her Matrix of Prescience to be up. Finally, the HP restoration effect is good for parties that don’t have an Abundance character and rely solely on Fu Xuan. The major downside is, of course, the fact that it’s a limited 5-star Light Cone, which makes it rare and hard to get.
  • Texture of Memories
    Texture of Memories is a good stat stick you can pick on Fu Xuan and it’s technically free, since it’s available in Herta’s Store. Since Fu Xuan is not actually giving anyone a Shield, she can always activate Texture of Memories’s passive effect. The best part of it is the passive Effect RES boost because the worst thing that can happen to Fu Xuan is her getting a Crowd Control debuff and not being able to activate her Bleak Breeds Bliss Talent. Yes, I am speaking from experience.
  • We Are Wildfire
    We Are Wildfire is a good Light Cone to use on Fu Xuan that focuses on the overall party rather than herself. It reduces the DMG that everyone takes in the first five turns and restores HP as well. As a 4-star, it offers better stats than the 3-stars on this list.
  • Defense
    Yes, Defense is a 3-star Light Cone but that makes it readily available since everyone probably has it at this point. When Fu Xuan uses her Ultimate, she gains a Talent stack that will heal her HP when it falls below 50%. But with Defense, she will recover HP whenever she uses her Ultimate. This helps to keep Fu Xuan’s HP from dropping too low too fast for her stacks to keep up.
  • Pioneering
    Pioneering is another 3-star Light Cone whose effect can work well with Fu Xuan. It restores her HP every time she Breaks the enemy’s Weakness. You can do this with her Ultimate or her Basic Attack since there are some turns where she doesn’t need to activate her Skill.
Honkai: Star Rail Fu Xuan Relics build guide
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Here Are Some Relics to Try on Fu Xuan

You really want to give Fu Xuan as much HP as possible to improve her Matrix of Prescience. Her Ultimate, which serves as an attack and a way to recover her Talent stacks, is also expensive. When you’re choosing what Relics to put on Fu Xuan, prioritize Energy Regeneration, HP, and Effect RES. I cannot stress enough how much she really needs ample Energy Regeneration and Effect RES.

  • 2-pc Longevous Disciple + 2-pc Guard of Wuthering Snow
    This combination improves Fu Xuan’s HP as well as decreases how much damage she takes. She doesn’t need the 4-pc set of either of them. This can make it a bit hard to farm Relics for her because you’ll need to frequent two Caverns of Corrosion rather than one.
  • 2-pc Longevous Disciple + 2-pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
    This combination again raises Fu Xuan’s Max HP but also increases her SPD. Fu Xuan should be a fairly fast character in your party because the more turns she has, the more chances she has to get her Ultimate back. This does mean that her Matrix will go down faster since it counts her turns, but it’s not as if she has anything else to do aside from using her Skill.
  • Broken Keel
    Broken Keel is a great Planar Ornament Set for Fu Xuan because it helps increase her Effect RES (which helps her shrug off Crowd Control debuffs) while raising the party’s Crit DMG.
  • Fleet of the Ageless
    This is a great general Planar Ornament Set for Fu Xuan because it raises her overall SPD and Max HP.
  • Sprightly Vonwacq
    This Planar Ornament Set is not exactly the best one for Fu Xuan compared to the previous two. However, it offers a passive boost to her Energy Regeneration for those who have trouble with getting her Ultimate back.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on mobile devices and Windows PC. The PS5 version of the game will come out on October 11, 2023. You can only pull for Fu Xuan in the Honkai: Star Rail gacha when the Foreseen, Foreknown, Foretold banner is up.

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