PlayStation Vita

Here Are The First Two Songs From Sega’s Brand New Vita Rhythm Game


Sega previously released a trailer demonstrating their upcoming rhythm game Song Builder 575, but their two newest videos focus on mascots Azuki and Matcha’s singing and dancing talents. The game includes songs created by famous Vocaloid composers with Sega’s companion iOS app Song Composer 575. Meanwhile Azuki and Matcha are designed by Hiro Kanzaki of My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute fame.



The first video features the very first song revealed by Project 575, Tobidase Jugyou!, composed by Lamaze-P, who is known for his Vocaloid song PoPiPo.



The second song is GosHicHiGo! from [email protected], the Vocaloid composer whose works include The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku. As you can see from the two videos, the game features different costumes and backgrounds from the girls’ hometown of Kamakura.


Song Builder 575 is scheduled to be released for the PS Vita on January 23. People who pre-order the game also get an art booklet and a CD with the song Tobidase Jugyou! and two other songs.