Here Are the WonHobby 36 Good Smile Company Game Figures and Nendoroids

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Good Smile Company teased a large amount of Nendoroids and figures of video game characters during WonHobby 36. All of them are in different stages of production, which means they will all come out at different times. More information on their release windows, prices, and optional parts (if applicable) will appear in the future.

These are not the only games with figures and Nendoroids coming out, as Good Smile Company has also announced ones for video games such as Tales of Arise, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tsukihime, and Danganronpa 2. The video game figures and Nendoroids that appeared during WonHobby36 are:

Azur Lane

  • Cheshire Nendoroid

Blue Archive

  • Akane Murokasa (Bunny Girl) Figure
  • Hifumi Ajitani Nendoroid
  • Karin Kakudate Figure
  • Mashiro Shizuyama: Swimsuit Version Figure
  • Shiroko Sunaookami Nendoroid
  • Yuuka Hayase Nendoroid

Diablo 3

  • Demon Hunter Nendoroid

Elden Ring

  • Ranni Nendoroid

Ghostwire: Tokyo

  • Akito Izuki Nendoroid

Halo Infinite

  • Master Chief Nendoroid


  • Modeus Nendoroid

Kantai Collection – KanColle –

  • Yukikaze Nendoroid

Little Nightmares

  • Six Nendoroid


  • Omori Nendoroid

Overwatch 2

  • Kiriko Nendoroid

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side

  • Kei Hazuki Nendoroid

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

  • Mihono Bourbon Figure
  • Nice Nature Nendoroid
  • Oguri Cap Nendoroid
  • Rice Shower Make Up Vampire Figure
  • Rice Shower Nendoroid
  • Twin Turbo Phat! Company


  • The Human Nendoroid
  • Toriel Nendoroid

As mentioned earlier, more information on the video game figures and Nendoroids from WonHobby 36 will appear in the future. Quite a few of them, such as the Phat! Company figure of Twin Turbo, are already at the end of the production cycle. Meanwhile, figures such as the Kiriko Nendoroid have not even undergone sculpting yet.

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