Here are the Honkai: Star Rail Confirmed Characters at Launch


We still have a bit of time before Honkai: Star Rail debuts. It shows up on PCs and mobile devices on April 26, 2023. However, thanks to multiple betas and the launch special program, we also have an idea of what to expect from its roster at launch. So, based on information from the official website, special program, and betas, here are some of the four and five-star rarity characters and elements we can expect to see in Honkai: Star Rail.

What character and item rarities exist in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is similar to Genshin Impact in that there will be four and five-star characters to acquire. Two of them, Dan Heng and March 7th, join your party right away as free characters. Because of hitting pre-registration goals, everyone gets the four-star heroine Serval too. Also, your Trailblazer avatar is a five-star character you get right away.

There are also Relic sets in Honkai: Star Rail, which aren’t all that dissimilar from Genshin Impact artifacts. In the betas, people could find four and five-star rarity levels, and sets tended to have four pieces. If you equipped two from the same set, you’d get one bonus. Equipping four from the set gives you an additional bonus.

What Elements and Paths are present in Honkai: Star Rail?

Okay, so characters all belong to a Path and are tied to an element. Path basically let you know how they’ll function in battle, such as if they are an attacker, tank, or supporter, while elements let you know the kind of damage they’ll deal.

To make things easier, here’s how the Paths are grouped. Seven showed up in the betas and early gameplay so far.

  • Attackers: The Destruction, The Erudition, and The Hunt.
  • Defenders: The Preservation.
  • Healers and Supporters: The Abundance, The Harmony, and The Nihility.

As for the elements, here are the seven present in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Imaginary
  • Lightning
  • Physical
  • Quantum
  • Wind

All Confirmed Characters, Elements, and Rarities in Honkai_ Star Rail 2

Who are the confirmed Honkai: Star Rail four and five-star characters at launch?

To make this easier, we’ll divide this up by star ranking. First, here are the four-star characters that showed up in the beta and will be around at launch.

  • Arlan – The Destruction, Lightning
  • Asta – The Harmony, Fire
  • Dan Heng – The Hunt, Wind
  • Herta – The Erudition, Ice
  • Hook – The Destruction, Fire
  • March 7th – The Preservation, Ice
  • Natasha – The Abundance, Physical
  • Pela – The Nihility, Ice
  • Qingque – The Erudition, Quantum
  • Sampo – The Nihility, Wind
  • Serval – The Erudition, Lightning
  • Sushang – The Hunt, Physical
  • Tingyun – The Harmony, Lightning

Next, here are the five-star characters you will definitely see and be able to pull for at launch.

  • Bailu – The Abundance, Lightning
  • Bronya – The Harmony, Wind
  • Clara – The Destruction, Physical
  • Gepard – The Preservation, Ice
  • Himeko – The Erudition, Fire
  • Jing Yuan – The Erudition, Lightning
  • Seele – The Hunt, Quantum
  • Welt – The Nihility, Imaginary
  • Yanqing – The Hunt, Ice

The Stellar Warp at launch will include a higher rate of getting Bronya, Gepard, and Himeko. The 1.0 update includes a Departure Starter Warp that has Bailu, Clara, Bronya, Gepard, Himeko, Welt, and Yanqing as featured units.There will also be event warps for the first update that offer Seele and Jing Yuan as featured characters.

Honkai: Star Rail will come to the PC and mobile devices on April 26, 2023, and the PS4 and PS5 sometime after.

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