Here are the ‘I’ll Miss You, Miho’ Like a Dragon: Ishin Substory Answers

Here are the ‘I’ll Miss You, Miho’ Like a Dragon: Ishin Substory Answers

While some of the Like a Dragon: Ishin substory side quests with questions can feel like high stakes affairs, the “I’ll Miss You, Miho” answers feel a bit like the stakes are lower. Yes, a relationship is on the line. However, this is one of those times when it feels like the right responses for Ryoma are fairly obvious.

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I found the “I’ll Miss You, Miho” substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin chapter 4. in the upper right corner of Rakunai, in the Kawaramachi to the northwest of Nichibuza, you’ll see two children fighting. Miho is moving away and only told Shinta on the day they were leaving. Shinta will run off, upset, and Miho will ask Ryoma to tell him “thank you” for her.

Here are the ‘I’ll Miss You, Miho’ Like a Dragon: Ishin  Substory Answers
Shinta is right nearby at the shrine above the Ginryu Dojo at the upper left corner of Rakunai. After you give him Miho’s message, he’ll ask what it meant. First, respond to the first prompt with “Thank you for caring about her.” After that, say, “You’re important to her.”

From there, you’ll need to head back to Miho’s house. When you arrive, another short story segment will appear. When it is done, it will kick off a chase scene. Don’t worry, as it isn’t too difficult. You won’t see Miho’s family’s palanquin immediately, but it’s okay. Immediately turn left at the first side street. You’ll then see it ahead of you. It will turn left onto Shijo Street. Follow it, then press the capture button once you’re close enough.

You’ll then get to see Shinta and Miho say a proper goodbye to each other. You’ll get a piece of Rainbow Fabric and 300 Virtue for your help.

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