Pokemon Legends Z-A Starters We Want
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Here Are the Pokemon Legends Z-A Starters We Want

Pokemon Legends Z-A won’t release until 2025, so we have little information about the game at this time, including its starters. The starter Pokemon in the spin-off series’ predecessor Pokemon Legends Arceus featured regional forms for three starters from different regions. Assuming this trend continues, here are the Pokemon Legends Z-A starters I’d like to see in the new seemingly open-world title.

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Image via The Pokemon Company

What I want for the Pokemon Legends Z-A Grass type starter: Turtwig

To begin with, I think there are some ground rules that should play into this decision. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, we received starters from Generations 2, 5, and 7. Given how recent Generation 9 is, I’m going with the assumption Game Freak won’t double dip into those four generations at this time, though it is possible. Couple this with the fact this new game takes place in Kalos, presumably the starters won’t involve Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, either.

This leaves Generations 1, 3, 4, and 8 as the best candidates for the starter Pokemon in this new game. With that said, there are two Grass type starters I would like to see return from those generations: Turtwig and Treecko. Turtwig feels ripe for a regional Torterra evolution with Fairy as its secondary typing, since Gen 6 originally introduced Fairy. Treecko would also make sense, but it would most likely have to get a new Mega Evolution form for its regional version.

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What I want for the Fire type starter: Scorbunny

When it comes to the Fire-type starter, I don’t see a lot of options working here. Charmander and Scorbunny make the most sense to me, given the parameters, but I am leaning more towards Scorbunny in this instance. The adorable bunny makes sense for a regional, possibly futuristic, form that makes it something like a dual Fire and Electric type.

Though Scorbunny comes from the nearby Galar, this doesn’t discredit its potential inclusion in this game. After all, the Hisui region featured a regional form of Cyndaquil, a Pokemon from down in the Johto region. Plus, the potentially futuristic setting of this game could help with this as well.

Pokemon Legends Z-A Starters We Want Piplup
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What I want for the Water type starter: Piplup

Finally, there is the Water starter Pokemon, which I may be the most excited for. The two best options for this particular entry feel like Piplup and Squirtle. Piplup just fits the vibes of Kalos so well. After all, it has a regal penguin appearance and references to Napoleon Bonaparte in both Empoleon’s English and Japanese names. I could also see a lot of possibilities for its new secondary typing, such as Ghost, Ice, or Ground.

On the other hand, there is also Squirtle from Generation 1. Like Piplup, it sticks out as a great starter to build around for this game that would match well with Scorbunny and Treecko or Turtwig. I could see a regional Blastoise gaining the Steel or Dark typing.

Regardless, a Pokemon Legends Z-A starter trio like Treecko, Scorbunny, and Piplup or Turtwig, Scorbunny, and Squirtle would make it quite hard for me to choose who to go with. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long to find out who the official starter trio is.

Pokemon Legends Z-A will release for the Nintendo Switch family of systems sometime in 2025.

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