ff13x_bat11 ff13p_bat1 

See how Final Fantasy XIII looks on both platforms in our gallery comparing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 is on the left and the PlayStation 3 version is on the right.


Battle Screenshots

ff13x_bat12 ff13p_bat4
ff13x_bat13 ff13p_bat6
ff13x_bat14 ff13p_bat7 
ff13x_bat15 ff13p_bat2 
ff13x_bat16 ff13p_bat8 
ff13x_bat17 ff13p_bat3 
ff13x_bat18 ff13p_bat10
ff13x_bat19 ff13p_bat9


Event Screenshots

ff13x_eve1 ff13p_eve1
ff13x_eve2 ff13p_eve2
ff13p_eve3 ff13x_eve3


Field Screenshots

ff13x_fi1 ff13p_fi1
ff13x_fi2 ff13p_fi2
ff13x_fi3 ff13p_fi3
ff13x_fi4 ff13p_fi4


Menu Screenshots

ff13x_men1 ff13p_me3
ff13x_men2 ff13p_me2
ff13x_men3 ff13p_me1

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