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Here is How to Build Encore in Wuthering Waves

Encore is one of the best 5-star DPS characters featured on the Standard Banner in Wuthering Waves. This guide will break down the best Wuthering Waves Encore Build and which Echoes you should use on her.

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Which Encore Skills Should You Level Up First?

As a DPS character, you’re going to want to focus on her Basic Attack, Resonance Skill, and Resonance Liberation the most. You’ll also find it really beneficial to focus on her Forte Circuit because of how strong it is, but it shouldn’t be as big of a priority as the others.

Her Resonance Skill is pretty unique in that it’s actually two different attacks. The first one, Flaming Woolies, deals Fusion damage to multiple enemies. If you press the button to use her Resonance skill after using Flaming Woolies, you’ll trigger Energetic Welcome. This move deals even more Fusion damage against your foes.

Encore’s Resonance Liberation is probably one of her most interesting attacks and is the reason why you want to level up her Basic Attack along with it. Her Resonance Liberation unleashes her other form, Cosmos, which changes her Basic Attack to now deal more damage for as long as her Resonance Liberation lasts.

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Best Encore Weapons In Wuthering Waves

These are the best weapons for Encore:

  • Augment:
    • After using her Resonance Liberation, her Attack stat is increased by 15 percent for 15 seconds.
  • Cosmic Ripples:
    • Energy Regeneration is increased by 12.8 percent. Basic Attacks deal three percent more damage. This increases every time a Basic Attack is used and can be stacked up to five times. Each stack lasts for eight seconds.
  • Guardian Rectifier:
    • Basic Attacks’ damage is increased by 12 percent.
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Best Encore Echoes In Wuthering Waves

There are a few different ways you can go with Encore’s Echoes, and it all depends on what you want to use her for. Some Echoes can give her a little bit of healing, which is nice if your team doesn’t have a healer. If you want to focus on her being a DPS unit, choose Echoes, who will deal Fusion damage.

If you want to do something unique, you could also use Echoes which give her more EEnergu Regeneration or ones that will create physical objetcs (such as ice walls) on the field. Your three most important substats are Attack, Fusion Damage Bonus, and Energy Regeneration. Encore regains energy quite quickly, but you want to shave as much time off as possible so she can keep using her Resonance Liberation.

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Best Encore Teammates In Wuthering Waves

These are the best Resonators to pair with Encore:

  • Yangyang
    • Four-Star, Aero sword, sub-DPS
    • Ideally, Echo will be paired up with a melee sub-DPS unit that you can switch into when a ranged attacker can’t get the job done. Yangyang deals decent damage as a melee fighter, but her best quality is that she can gather enemies with her Resonance Skill.
  • Jianxin
    • Five-Star, Aero gauntlets, sub-DPS
    • Jianxin has some impressive defensive capabilities in addition to her offensive ones. She’s able to parry and resist attacks and she can even pull targets in closer to her. Her combination of defense and offense serves as a really good compliment to Encore’s skillset.
  • Sanhua
    • Four-Star, Glacio sword, sub-DPS
    • Sanhua is just a decent attacker. Her ability to create ice spikes gives her even more versatility. While she might not have the most complicated skillset, she’s still a very reliable unit.
  • Baizhi
    • Four-Star, Glacio rectifier, healer
    • Baizhi is here because of her ability to heal and to deal off-field damage. While she’s also a ranged attacker and thus can’t cover Encore where she lacks, her main focus on a team is her ability to heal her team.

Wuthering Waves is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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