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Here’s A Look At The Etrian Odyssey Untold II 3DS Custom Themes And More


Since Nintendo added the ability for the Nintendo 3DS to support custom themes on its Home Menu, Japanese publishers have been releasing a variety of themes based on their games via the Theme Shop. Atlus has been one of those publishers and this week they released themes based on Etrian Odyssey Untold II.



The Untold II themes were made available alongside others such as The Legend of Legacy and New Atelier Rorona, and YouTube user Nintendaan has compiled them all into a single video, so you can see what each one looks and sounds like above. Meanwhile, official screenshots for the Untold II theme can be found below.


The theme you see above costs 200 yen (plus tax) each. It comes with a normal wallpaper for the top and bottom screens, and includes custom music and sound effects.


This second theme includes a normal wallpaper on the top screen, but a panoramic wallpaper on the bottom screen, which scrolls through different character portraits. It also costs 200 yen (plus tax) and features custom music and sound effects.


Finally, this last theme also sports a panoramic wallpaper for the bottom screen, and this one scrolls through a whole bunch of characters. Like the others, it costs 200 yen (plus tax) and has custom music and sound effects.


Ishaan Sahdev
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