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Here’s A Look Inside Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s Premium Crazy Box Edition



Persona 4: Dancing All Night is releasing later this month in Japan, and it will also come in a “Premium Crazy Box” edition, which has its own limited edition PlayStation Vita. Dengeki put together a video showcasing what’s inside this special box.



The opening from the two hosts of Dengeki starts at the 1:40 mark of the video. The box has a Persona 4 color scheme both on the inside and outside. The first thing you’ll see once you open the box is the “Crazy Value Pack”.


The Crazy Value Pack for Persona 4: Dancing All Night is actually its own special edition, which include the game, two soundtrack discs, an alternate package cover, and a set of special DLC for 9,980 yen plus tax.


Now, if you want to check out the main course of the Premium Crazy Box, skip forward to the 9:50 mark of the video, where the guy in the Teddie suit pulls out the limited edition PlayStation Vita from the box.


The Persona 4: Dancing All Night edition PlayStation Vita is white in the front, and has a bright yellow back, with a Persona 4 motif. The game already has an original theme installed, which the two hosts show off in the video.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night will release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for PlayStation Vita. The Premium Crazy Box will also be available on the same date, and will go for 28,980 yen plus tax.

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