Here’s A Mascot By Mother 3 Art Director For FuRyu’s Recently Teased Game



FuRyu recently teased a new game featuring devs that worked on Mother 3, Shin Megami Tensei, and The Caligula Effect. The teaser site updated with a look at its mascot by Mother 3 artist.


The update features a chat with three of the developers from the initial tease, with the addition of Suzuka Yasumoto, the director of the game from FuRyu. You can check our previous report for more on the others.



Suzuka Yasumoto – Director




Takuya Yamanaka: The weekend is over! It’s time for “work,” guys!

Nobuhiro Imagawa: Just finished the last one~!

Nobuhiro Imagawa:


Takuya Yamanaka: Wow! Thank you! That must be the game’s mascot character Umiushi-chan (Seaslug-chan)! Very cute! We should merchandise it!

Nobuhiro Imagawa: Thank you for the explanation.

Suzuka Yasumoto: Done.

Suzuka Yasumoto:


Nobuhiro Imagawa: That was quick.

Tsukasa Masuko: Excuse me! Can you wait a little longer? I have a good feeling about how this one is wrapping up.

Takuya Yamanaka: Roger that! It’s totally fine! Please have it by tomorrow!

Takuya Yamanaka: Ah, how is it going, Inoue-san!?

Takuya Yamanaka: Inoue-san!!?

[Nobuyuki Inoue has left the room]

Takuya Yamanaka: Inoue-saaaan!!!!!!


We expected the game to be revealed today, June 4, but what ended up being the June 4 reveal as the new Umiushi-chan mascot. Perhaps we’ll get to see a reveal in this week’s Famitsu or at E3 2018 which is just around the corner.

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