Here’s A Summary Of What’s In Bravely Second’s First Demo

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Square Enix recently released Bravely Second’s first demo which lets you play a little bit of the game’s early part, featuring the game’s main characters and some of the new jobs. Dengeki shares some details they put together after taking the demo for a spin.


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Starting with a close look at the magical academy city, Istantar, where you’ll begin your journey of Bravely Second.


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And a look at some of the city’s nearby fields, where you’ll find an oasis, and cave and forest-type dungeons. Dengeki reports that characters from Bravely Default were also in the demo, but they’re leaving most of those out of their impressions as a surprise to those who’ve yet to play.


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Some of you guys might remember Fiore de Rosa, the man who picked up women back in Florem with the help of a certain not-so-nice technique.



The above is a look at the new Tomahawk job that was introduced during Tokyo Game Show a few months ago. The Asterisk holder also speaks in an unexpected dialect.


Dengeki says that the story in the demo advances as you clear quests, and upon meeting certain conditions, you’ll acquire a special play bonus that will give you items for the full version of the game.


b2nd_07_cs1w1_400x240 b2nd_08_cs1w1_400x240

There’s even an NPC in Istantar who gives you an update of your play bonuses.


Next, we get a look at some of the jobs.




b2nd_09_cs1w1_400x240 b2nd_10_cs1w1_400x240


Freelancers are pretty similar to what they were in Bravely Default, but they now get a new ability called “Halfs” that lets you use recovery items on your entire party but only at 50% of its normal rate.




b2nd_12_cs1w1_400x240 b2nd_13_cs1w1_400x240 b2nd_14_cs1w1_400x480

The Valkyrie are still are strong as ever, thanks to its powerful abilities like Crescent Moon, that lets them attack multiple enemies at a time.




b2nd_15_cs1w1_400x240 b2nd_16_cs1w1_400x240


The Wizard is a new job in Bravely Second that focuses in Spirit Magic, which adds different effects to regular magic. Their Mist ability is pretty interesting, as gives magic a continuous effect for three turns.




b2nd_18_cs1w1_400x240 b2nd_19_cs1w1_400x240


The Astrologer is another new job in Bravely Second, and it focuses on “Moon Magic” that helps the party with supports such as attack and defense increases. In the demo, they don’t learn any offensive magic, so they were used as pure buffers.


Red Mage:


b2nd_21_cs1w1_400x240 b2nd_22_cs1w1_400x240


b2nd_26_cs1w1_400x480 b2nd_27_cs1w1_400x480

And finally, here’s a look at Magnolia sporting her Red Mage dress. Red Mages have best of both worlds with their white and black magic, and the demo lets you learn up to level 2 magic from both, with a total of eight spells.


b2nd_24_cs1w1_400x480 b2nd_25_cs1w1_400x240

The “Bravely Second” feature that stops gameplay, allowing you to perform additional attacks in combat, can now be done by simply pressing the start button in combat.




b2nd_29_cs1w1_400x480 b2nd_30_cs1w1_400x480

Here’s another look at Bravely Second’s new feature called the “Consecutive Chance”. This can activate whenever you take out all the enemies in a single turn, and you’ll get a chance to fight new monsters to get x1.5 the reward.


A third time makes it x1.8, and a fourth time makes it x2, a fifth makes it x2.2, and so on. However, the catch is managing your BP and knowing how long you’ll be able to last.


b2nd_31_cs1w1_320x240 b2nd_32_cs1w1_400x480

As previously reported, Bravely Second will also have a similar feature to Bravely Default’s Norende village, where you got people from StreetPass to help rebuild it. This time around, it’s a town on the moon, and it’s actually Magnolia’s hometown.


Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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