Here’s A Synopsis For The Stories Of Langrisser I & II Remake

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The countdown site launched in early August turned out to be leading up to Langrisser I & II, the recently announced remakes of the first two games in the Langrisser series, and the official website has now gone live with a synopsis of the first two games.


Story of Langrisser I

Since ancient times, the legendary sword ‘Langrisser’ has been said to bring its wielder unlimited power.

In the past, much blood has been shed in the countless fights between those seeking to take the blade for themselves, and the protectors of the blade. The Baldean royal lineage, descendants of the ancient hero, were able to safeguard the blade for a long period of time.

However, the time has come for the line of defense to fall.


Kaiser Digos of the Dalsis Empire began to invade Baldea with an overwhelming number of troops, possessed with the desire to rule the world using the power of Langrisser. Prince Ledin was able to escape from Baldea during attack, and embarks on a long journey to retrieve Langrisser and avenge his father.


langrisser 1&2 story 2


Story of Langrisser II

It’s been several hundreds of years since then. It is now an age of countless small periods of strife, that begin and end, only to begin anew. The Kingdom of Baldea is no more, and the legendary sword Langrisser has become just that – a legend.


The traveling youth Erwin encounters and befriends Hein, a magician’s apprentice, during his journey. While staying at Hein’s birthplace, a small village in the dukedom of Salrath, Hein rushed into the inn one night, as pale as a ghost. A group of soldiers from the Rayguard Empire had attacked, seeking a girl named Liana who lived just outside the village.

Why would the Empire do such a thing…? Feeling a sense of suspicion, Erwin departs from the inn in order to help Liana.


Langrisser I & II is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check out the character profiles and some screenshots in our previous report here.

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