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Here’s A Closer Look At How You’ll Customize Your Own Character In Code Vein



Code Vein director Hiroshi Yoshimura and producer Keita Iizuka shared a look at how you’ll be making your very own avatar in Code vein, and it has quite the number of customization options.


Here’s a closer look at the Code Vein character customization from a recent IGN feature:


The character creation lets you choose gender and body type, as well as face, eye color, and other features in detail. While you won’t be able to select an age for your character, you can customize body build. other options include face type, hairstyle, and other smaller details such as eye shape, eye size, skin color, as well as a variety of face paint that can be used as stickers or makeup.


The “inner clothes” worn under the Blood Veils can also be customized. This lets you change the color of each part including collar and sleeves. 3D character artist Nozomu Ikeuchi talked about their goal for the character design in Code Vein was to not make it too cartoony or too anime, but to not make it too real either.


Code Vein releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018. Check our previous report to hear more from the creators on making their own Dark Souls-style game, and other details on its Buddy system and “Blood Code” job class system.

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