Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Blanc + Neptune Vs. The Zombie Army

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Japan is getting Intense Dimension Blanc + Neptune Vs. The Zombie Army in just a few more days, and 4Gamer shared the latest details screenshots to recap the upcoming PlayStation Vita title.


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The game starts out with Blanc working on a film, but for some reason, people at the school have been turning into zombies. The zombies are originally students of the school, but no worries, the CPUs will be able to turn them back to normal after beating them to a pulp.



008 009

Neptune appears to have had enough with all the zombies showing up all over the place.


014 015

Regular attacks are done with the square button, and the stronger attacks use the triangle button. You’ll get to give it your own mixes between the two hits to come up with various combos while fighting the hordes of zombies.



Guarding doesn’t completely prevent taking damage, and using it too much makes it less effective. It’ll be important to learn enemy attack patterns and timing your guards well. You can also time it perfectly for a “Timely Guard” which makes the damage 0.



You’ll need to fill up your SP Gauge to use the character’s unique SP Skills. This meter fills up over time, so you won’t need to go around attacking monsters nonstop to do so.


020 021

Tamsoft is all about her powerful combos. Her weakness is defense and health, so you’ll want to be careful while taking on bosses.


022 023

Peashy/Yellow Heart has short reach, but makes up for it in mobility, making her a good choice for mini-bosses.


024 025

Plutia/Iris Heart is said to be one of the more unique characters that has a completely different fighting style while transformed. Plutia excels at attack range but is slow when it comes to mobility, while Iris Heart has much higher stats overall.


026 027

Using her megaphone, Uzume/Orange Heart has low reach and attack range, but all of her attacks can be charged by holding down buttons. Her combos are powerful and she also has high defense.



The characters are unlocked by advancing through the game. After clearing the game, you can use the characters in their always-transformed states.


029 031

030 032

The above is a look at some customizable items.



037 036

The game also features a four player co-op mode that features giant bosses that only appear in this mode, including the one shown in the above image. Clearing quests increase your “Player Rank,” which unlocks harder quests. There will be daily quests that can get you special items and material.


Blanc + Neptune Vs. The Zombie Army will release in Japan on October 15, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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