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Here’s What The Folks From Capcom US Saw At Japan’s Monster Hunter Attraction



Remember Monster Hunter: The Real, a real-life, time-limited version of Monster Hunter come to “life”? The folks from Capcom’s US branch wanted in on the fun, too. They took a quick trip down to the event that turns part of Universal Studios Japan into a Monster Hunter theme park to provide an English report over at their Capcom Unity blog.




Their trip resulted photos of the cool things going down, such as the singing, dancing, Felyne-chasing Congolala, merchandise swag like the ‘Monster Hunter Drink the Great’ and USJ-themed Felynes available for players  visitors to buy.



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You can check out more photos at the Capcom Unity blog here and if you’re able to make it, the event and exhibition will run till May the 11th at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.


Photos courtesy Capcom Unity blog