Nintendo 3DS

Here’s A Good Look At Attack on Titan’s Levi And Sasha DLC



Fans of Attack on Titan quite happily celebrated Levi’s birthday on December 25th and developer Spike Chunsoft wished him a belated happy birthday by coming out with the promotional video for their Nintendo 3DS version of the title above a day later.



No wonder he looks pissed off, swinging around and trying to take down the female Titan. (WARNING: SPOILERS IN LINK) Levi is free till January 31st.


The video also shows off Sasha “Potato Girl” Blouse, who is a free DLC for a short period of time. Yes, that is her whipping out a fork and knife instead of the twin swords every Survey Corps member carries around with them while hunting. Since she’s known to be always hungry, it’s pretty cool and funny to see she gets to eat while on the battlefield and even shouts food-related battle shouts like “It’s time to eat!”



While no one is going to let Attack on Titan win awards in the graphics department, it does manage to capture the sense of speed and mad movements that the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear gives to its wearers quite well. And when you’re whizzing around a titan trying to get to its back, the last thing you want to worry about is how Levi’s face looks, right?


Both Levi and Sasha’s DLC are currently available for Attack on Titan on the Nintendo 3DS. Again, Levi’s is free till January 31st, while Sasha’s end date hasn’t been announced yet.