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Here’s How PS4 to PS5 Data Transfer Works

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As part of the whole PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility conversation, Sony issued a PlayStation Blog update covering topics that might have come up. One interesting one went over all the PS4 to PS5 data transfer options. Basically, if people are worrying about PS4 to PS5 saves, there will be a number of ways to ensure your old data is getting to a new one. Also, whether or not one save will work in both versions of a game is up to the developer.

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There are essentially four methods someone can use, with three of them being free and available to anyone. Here’s the list PS4 to PS5 data transfer options.

  • External Storage: If someone has an external drive connected to their PS4, they can transfer the files and games on their system to it, then connect it to the PS5 to immediately gain access to and begin using those saves and titles.
  • LAN: If someone has LAN cables and both systems within reach of one another, they can then transfer data from the PS4 to the PS5 by connecting them.
  • PlayStation Plus: This is the one paid option. People who have uploaded PS4 saves to the cloud can then access it on the PS5 after logging into their account.
  • WiFi: If both systems are connected to the internet, you can transfer the data. Sony’s explanation didn’t note if the two systems will have to be connected to the same WiFi network, but this could be a requirement.

Sony also explained the PS4 to PS5 saves situation for two cross-platform, first-party games it will release on both systems in November 2020. Both Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure will let people use their saves with both versions of the game. However, a patch will be needed post-launch to use Sackboy: A Big Adventure PS4 save files with the PS5 version of the game.

The PlayStation 5 will launch in Australia, Japan, North America, and South Korea on November 12, 2020. People in other regions will be able to buy one starting on November 19, 2020.

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