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Here’s How Toshiro, Skull, and Panther Look in Persona 5 Tactica

Atlus revealed some new information about Persona 5 Tactica, including the Unique Skill feature and new character Toshiro Kasukabe. There’s also new art of Panther and Skull in the art style for the game. Persona 5 Tactica’s story will focus on the Phantom Thieves entering a new world to fight its tyrant, Marie.

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The new world the Phantom Thieves enter is the Kingdom. Marie is the leader of a group called the Legion, and she’s an absolute menace. Erina is the leader of the rebels and asks the Phantom Thieves to join her in toppling Marie’s Kingdom. Marie’s ultimate goal is to throw a huge wedding ceremony. When Joker infiltrates her prison to save the Phantom Thieves, he encounters someone named Toshiro Kasukabe, who is supposedly a politician in real life. However, he can’t remember how he entered Marie Kingdom.

Tomoaki Maeno voices Toshiro. Maeno’s previous roles include Zhongli from Genshin Impact, Jiang Ziya in Fate/Grand Order, and Oscar Dragonia in Tales of Berseria. After the Phantom Thieves rescue him, he works with them as an ally. Since he’s a good strategist and actively fears both fighting and getting hurt, he’s likely going to be the mission control for the Thieves during Tactica. As well, both Skull and Panther will use their default Persona 5 Personas (Captain Kidd and Carmen, respectively) in Tactica.

While Persona 5 Tactica’s gameplay system takes a lot of cues from Persona 5 (such as covering in the shadows and the series staple, and One More), Unique Skills is a new mechanic. Attacking an enemy or receiving an enemy attack will charge up the Voltage Gauge at the bottom of the screen. Once it fills up, you can use a character’s Unique Skill. This can be either offensive or supportive, to change the flow of battle. Ryuji’s, for example, can attack multiple enemies in a row. Finally, there will be a skill tree to level up your characters, and a Talk option at your Hideout, where you can see one-on-one conversations between Joker and the party.

Persona 5 Tactica will come out on November 17, 2023 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam.

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