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Here’s A Look At Three Of The Stages In Azure Striker Gunvolt


Inti Creates recently revealed three of Azure Striker Gunvolt’s bosses, and we’ve got information on the stages that you’ll fight them in. Take a look at them below.


Mission: Inferno (Boss: Daytona)

Asimov orders Gunvolt to conduct an attack on a Sumeragi chemical plant. GV infiltrates a freight train to make his way to the destination, but on board the train he runs into a “Spider”—a tenth-generation battle tank prototype developed by Sumeragi. After an encounter with the Spider, Gunvolt makes his way into the chemical plant.


Piled containers are destructible, and can be used strategically to make progress smoother.

Once an alarm is tripped, all enemies in the area need to be defeated before GV can move on.

Plasma lifters can be controlled with GV’s Lightning Ring and used to avoid falling into lava and tripping alarms.


Mission: Restless Spirits (Boss: Elise)

Reports of a ghost appearing every night at a Sumeragi warehouse reach the ears of QUILL. Gino, who is investigating the situation, reports that the basement of the warehouse has turned into a completely alien environment. Gino then asks Gunvolt to inspect the underground facility, where he discovers the ruins of a laboratory—this is where he runs into Elise, who has been left behind in the wreckage.


Locking onto devices and directing lightning at them causes the emergency power to come on and disable beam barriers.


Defeated zombies will spurt out bodily fluids that will reduce visibility.


GV’s Lightning Ring Shield offers some light in dark areas. However, locking onto light mechanisms and directing lightning at them will make things a lot brighter.


Mission: The Flowers of Evil (Boss: Stratos)

Sumeragi has a monopoly on a drug named S.E.E.D., which was initially created to combat a mysterious illness called “jamming” but is now being used to brainwash psychics. It’s also used to keep Stratos’ powers in check, and Gunvolt encounters him while on a mission to destroy the laboratory containing the plan from which S.E.E.D. is extracted.



The flies produced by Stratos will indiscriminately attack friend and foe alike.


The mid‐stage boss, ViVid, must be fought on unstable platforms that disappear when touched by the Lightning Ring.


The creepers growing around the area are sensitive to GV’s Lightning Ring and will attack in its presence.


Azure Striker Gunvolt is slated for release in North America and Japan this Summer.

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