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Here’s What A Monster Hunter: World Meal Looks Like In Real Life



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I always felt that the foods in Monster Hunter games looked delicious, and even more so in Monster Hunter: World. Twitter user @kixki8539742 a couple photos of a meal his wife prepped to look just like one from the game.




Instead of the ale from the original, this real-life Monster Hunter: World meal included a Potion made from melon liqueur. The little sweets on the bottom (konpeito) was made to look like the super useful Scout Flies hanging out by the food.



The meal cost about 4,000 yen (roughly $36.80) to make and took about three hours total to prep and cook.


Seeing this much food, it’s pretty impressive that Hunters can chow it all down and be fine enough to jump and mount monsters while getting around with the Slinger.



Monster Hunter: World is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will launch in Fall 2018.

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