Here’s How Much Money Bandai Namco’s Top Franchises Are Bringing In


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In a recent earnings report, Bandai Namco broke down how profitable their top intellectual property is, ranging from Mobile Suit Gundam to PreCure. Namco, unlike most videogame publishers in Japan, own a large number of multimedia properties that encompass manga, anime, videogames and merchandise, and this is how the company makes money.


Below the full list of Namco’s top franchises, arranged according to the company’s revenue forecasts by the end of the current fiscal year:


Mobile Suit Gundam – 70 billion yen (down from 80.2 billion yen the year prior)

Yo-kai Watch (toys) – 40 billion yen (didn’t exist the year prior)

Kamen Rider – 25.6 billion yen (down from 30.7 billion yen the year prior)

Power Rangers – 24.1 billion yen (down from 25.3 billion yen the year prior)

One Piece – 22.4 billion yen (down from 26.8 billion yen the year prior)

Dragon Ball – 13.8 billion yen (up from 11.4 billion yen the year prior)

Aikatsu! – 12.1 billion yen (down from 15.9 billion yen the year prior)

Anpanman – 9.5 billion yen (down from 10.3 billion yen the year prior)

PreCure – 8.6 billion yen (down from 10.5 billion yen the year prior)


As you can see, even though Namco expect a number of franchises to potentially drop in revenue from the year prior, the presence of Yo-kai Watch, for which the company creates and manufactures toys and other merchandise, more than makes up for it.

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