Here’s How Super Robot Taisen OG’s 3v3 Mech Royale Works

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Namco Bandai knows that the 3v3 platoon team battle system in Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle we talked about earlier is a big deal for long-time fans, and have obliged with new information on it.


It’s a nice surprise, since the initial reports ages ago suggested we’d only have 1v1, 1v2 and 1v3 fights. Each mecha will come with its own associated cost, and players get to select any three they want as long as it fulfills the total points criteria for a map.



The two wingmen you choose to bring along have their point costs halved, and more powerful mechs will have larger costs associated with them. This gives some form of balance to the game—while you could choose to bring a huge man to the party and possibly have a 2v3 fight, or split the party into a more balanced force. When mechs are destroyed during battle, their point cost is deducted from your original total score, which we understand works something like a health bar. First to reach zero loses the match.


It seems it’s also possible to repair a mech and return it to battle should you somehow have spare points left over. Here’s a quick example: Say you start the mission with 10,000 points and your total platoon runs up to 6,000 points. If one of your mechs goes down, you have 4,000 extra points to re-summon it to the fray and hope to turn the tables against a weakened foe.


Namco Bandai also showed off new shots of Gespenst looking all sexy in black (Above) and R2 Powered (Below). Check out the detail work!



Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle will be out on PlayStation 3 in Japan November 28th.

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