Moonstone Island Spirit List
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Here’s the Full Moonstone Island Spirit List

Completing the full Spirit list in Moonstone Island is no easy task, with some Spirits requiring specific times of day or year to catch, being found in specific locations, or showing up later via free patches. This list should help you figure out which Spirits you’re missing so you can take the right steps to catch them.

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All tameable Spirits in Moonstone Island

For the most part, the full Spirit list for each element in Moonstone Island can be completed by traveling to the island of the required type. These island elements are Earth, Water, Poison, Electric, Fire and Dark. While these types can be found all over the map, Dark islands only spawn towards the edge and contain high level Spirits.

While most Spirits can be found wandering the map, some Spirits can only be found underground. Each island contains a mine that can found by breaking rocks, one of which is hiding the mine entrance. Others can only be found by collecting Spirit Eggs of the appropriate type and placing them in your Spirit Barn.

Ice and Psychic Spirits work differently to other types. Ice types can only be found in Winter, so you’ll need to wait for the right time of year to catch any of them. Psychic Spirits can only be found during a Psychic Storm, which happens on one random island every night.

Earth Spirits

  • Ankylo – only available as a starter or from eggs
  • Brickhouse
  • Chiminea – only found in mines
  • Coolslime
  • Dusty
  • Fluffox
  • Gemlin – only found in mines
  • Hopstraw
  • Longlog – only found after Spring Temple is cleared
  • Mumbleweed
  • Oaken
  • Pappus
  • Punchypot – only found in mines, can be hatched
  • Womr

Water Spirits

  • Beabeau
  • Claudio
  • Dropple – only found after Summer Temple is cleared, can be hatched
  • Fishbo
  • Flote
  • Starsee
  • Torble – only found in mines
  • Snorcko
  • Sandcrashle
  • Octopup

Poison Spirits

  • Birdbrain
  • Emoshroom
  • Marsha
  • Shrubbin
  • Snaplant – found after Fall Temple, but can be hatched
  • Radlad
  • Ribbite
  • Taddle
  • Toxitoe
  • Trunkle – only found in mines
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Electric Spirits

  • Armbot
  • Barkbyte
  • Breadmaus
  • Bulbot – only found in mines
  • Burgloon
  • Capacibee
  • Cumulo
  • Kiwiwatt – only found in eggs
  • Snohm
  • Sparky – found after Winter Temple is cleared, and can be in eggs

Fire Spirits

  • Bonefire
  • Carkey
  • Flamane
  • Flambit
  • Lucerna – only found in mines
  • Pombomb
  • Prikli – only found in eggs
  • Sheemp
  • Sinjin
  • Spyreling

Ice Spirits

  • Bandicle – only found in Winter on Water Islands
  • Bonguin – only found in Winter on Water Islands
  • Eyesee – only found in Winter on Water Islands
  • Honkshoo – only found in Winter on Water Islands
  • Hygge – only found in Winter on Water Islands
  • Sorbaton – only found in Winter on Water Islands
  • Whistler – only found in Winter on Water Islands
  • Yeeti – only found in Winter on Water Islands

Psychic Spirits

  • Beardini
  • Lookachoo
  • Loonylid
  • Magicat
  • Minoot – only found in eggs
  • Mystislime
  • Posho
  • Rablit
  • Taro

Dark Spirits

  • Arkeya
  • Catsket
  • Darcloak
  • Darkoffee
  • Evileye
  • Karyote
  • Puppox
  • Wolfbane
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Full list of Boss Spirits in Moonstone Island

The Spirit List also includes entries for boss Spirits. These Spirits cannot be tamed and used in your own team. Instead, they are the Spirits you encounter at each of the temples and in the dark rift opened by using all the seals. Despite not being tameable, defeating them does count towards the full Spirit List in Moonstone Island.

  • Wildwood – Spring Temple
  • Tidan – Water Temple
  • Snapdragon – Fall Temple
  • Sparking – Winter Temple
  • Missingno – Dark Rift

Moonstone Island is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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