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Here’s the Sora Super Smash Bros Ultimate Move Set

Sora Super Smash Bros Ultimate Move Set

During the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate broadcast Director Masahiro Sakurai demonstrated the move set for Sora. This included an in-depth look at how he will appear and his attacks. Additionally, Sakurai revealed Sora will also have Japanese and English voice acting available.

Sora will have a basic move set that will allow for him to use his Keyblade in a variety of ways against his enemies. However, a unique gimmick will be the ability to use Command Menu to use magic as seen in Kingdom Hearts. This includes the implementation of spells like Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and their more powerful counterparts like Firaga and Thundaga. These attacks will also change based on whether or not Sora is in the air or on the ground. Each of these spells with have their own effects, with Blizzard able to freeze enemies. These attacks can also be absorbed by opponents.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate broadcast demonstrated that Sora will also have access to Sonic Blade as part of his move set. This attack will allow Sora to dash three times in any direction. Sora’s Final Smash is called “Sealing the Keyhole,” which has him sealing his opponent in Kingdom Hearts. However, it wasn’t shown during the stream.

Sora will also have unique color variants based on how he appears in previous Kingdom Hearts games and worlds. This includes a special variant that appeared in the Timeless River world.

Hollow Bastion and the place in the heart will also be added into the game as a stage, Radiant Garden is the name of the stage. It will be dynamic and transform into the Dive to Heart stage if player’s stocks are low. The stage will have artwork of major characters from Kingdom Hearts cycling in the background’s stained glass. If Sora wins the fight, players will be treated to a special winning scene. The scene mirrors when Sora defeats major bosses in Kingdom Hearts.

Sora is one of several characters that have appeared through the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Other characters include Mythra and Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Kazuya Mishima from Tekken, and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Sora will be the final DLC character added into Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch. Sora will arrive through the Smash Bros Fighters Pass Vol. 2. on October 18, 2021. He will be available to purchase outside of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. for $5.99.

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