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Here’s What Azur Lane: Crosswave’s Kansen Roon and Taihou Look Like in Action

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Two Azur Lane Crosswave DLC characters, Taihou and Roon, have new introduction videos. Each one shows off their animations and combat maneuvers.

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Taihou is an Aircraft Carrier belonging to the Sakura Empire. Here’s what she’s like:

Like other Aircraft Carriers in the game, her attacks involve sending small planes that fly to the enemy and bomb them from above. As you might expect, it’s very effective against generic cruisers. Her theme in the game is “Signpost of the Shooting Star.”

Meanwhile, here’s the other Azur Lane: Crosswave DLC character, Roon:

Roon is a Heavy Cruiser from Ironblood. Like other Destroyers, she is slower and relies on putting up her shield to block attacks from all around, rather than evade attacks. Her theme in the game is “Pitch Black Melting Passion.”

Apart from Taihou and Roon, Formidable, Le Malin, and Sirius make up the remaining three slots for Azur Lane Crosswave DLC characters. Each of these characters are fully voiced both in battles and during the campaign, although voices weren’t shown off in the trailers. Formidable, Le Malin, and Sirius got their trailers late last month, and you can watch them below:


Formidable is an Aircraft Carrier Kansen, and her theme in Azur Lane: Crosswave is “Endless Empty Dream.”

Le Malin

Le Malin is a Destroyer from the Vichya Dominion, and her theme is “Precious ‘Le Fantasque.'”


Sirius is a Light Cruiser whose theme is “Elegant Embrace.”

Azur Lane: Crosswave is available on the PlayStation 4 and PC. The release date of the DLC characters have yet to be announced. You can read our interview with IF International game localizer Justina Lange on bringing the game West here.

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