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Here’s How You’ll Throw Down Online In Ultra Street Fighter II



One of the biggest features of Ultra Street Fighter II is that it’ll support both local and online battles. Capcom recently shared information on how you’ll get to throw down with friends and strangers via network.





Ultra Street Fighter II features the “Arcade Mode” that lets you take on CPUs until you reach the ending, but it also adds a new “Arcade Standby Function.” This function allows you to accept challenges from other players while playing arcade mode, bringing back some memories from the good ol’ arcade center days.



Ultra Street Fighter II offers both local and online play when it comes to battling other players. Local play uses the Nintendo Switch’s wireless function to play against other players within vicinity, but to take on others you’ll need to go online.


In Internet Battles, you’ll be awarded “player Points (PP)” and “Battle Points (BP)” for defeating players in “Ranked Match.” You can also play without worrying about losing points in the “Casual Match.” One pointer about playing Ranked Match is that you can check your ranking based on points as well as search for opponents using all kinds of conditions, making it an ideal option to brush up your skills.



Here are the different types of Ranked Matches:

  • Quick Match: Puts you against an opponent without having any conditions set for the match.


  • Custom Match: Puts you against players with your preferred conditions.


  • Create Match: Create a lobby with your own rules and play against opponents who join.


  • Friend Match: Puts you against any available friends registered to your friends list.


Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is in development for Nintendo Switch.

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