Hero Bank RPG’s Opening Movie Tells Us Money Comes From Robots


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Kaito Gosho, the hero of Sega’s upcoming “battle-life RPG,” Hero Bank, has it tough. With a one billion yen debt to pay off, he’s forced to enter the world of Hero Battle—a cyber sport that pits Kaito against various foes—to earn cash.


Every punch Gosho lands earns him a little dosh, with special attacks and more flashy fights driving the crowd wild and garnering more. Kinda like real life—you’ve got to spend money to earn money. Earning or possibly outright buying new characters for Gosho to control with his Hero Gear gives him more and better options during a fight.


That daunting task doesn’t seem to get him down though, with his cheery and manly outlook in Sega’s release of the game’s opening movie above. And with every attack he lands ending in a gigantic Japanese yen sign, we’re now confident to say that yes, money does grow from robots.


Hero Bank will be released in Spring 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Sega have delayed the game from its initial December release.

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