Hero Bank’s Kaito Will Give You A Run For Your Money

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I suspect the fact that it’s fast approaching dead winter means everyone is looking for something to warm them up. Even in the feast-or-famine world of Sega’s Hero Bank, where money does all the talking, fighting, punching and special moves. Kaito Gosho needs to ensure he keeps his spirits up, since the kid’s got a one billion yen debt to pay off that practically forces him to enroll in the ranks of the virtual wrestling world of Hero Bank.



He’s got something special up his sleeve, however. Shortly into the game, he’ll meet up with a mysterious… monk? Wait, do monks look like that?! Well, a mysterious stranger called Sennen who’s willing to teach Kaito the ability to unlock a special mode within himself called… “Enter The Gold”. By embracing the money, Kaito’s speed goes up to incredible amounts, allowing him to quickly scoop up all the cash lying around the ring or land much faster blows on foes.



This isn’t without its tradeoffs of course. His skills while within “Enter the Gold” mode will hit for much less, but also cost less and are automatically sped up already. Kaito’s regular suit is on the left and Enter the Gold is on the right.



If his sped up moves still aren’t fast enough for you, entering the mode allows Kaito to buff himself with God Speed, a skill—which of course, costs $$$$$—that imbues him with a haste effect.



Now, no one said we can’t have some comic relief while doing all this. Mega Crash Fumes is a skill that’s only usable while Kaito’s in “Enter the Gold”, and is one of the ultimate skills players can use to try and finish off foes by looking as if you’re ready to submit. Kaito smashes his head into the ground, as if apologizing or giving up, only for his forehead bangs to crash out of the ground in a surprise attack that’ll pierce any oba-san’s auntified heart.


Hero Bank is out to get your bank account March 20th 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS.


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