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Heroes Of Loot Puts A Shooter In Your Dungeon Crawler On PS Vita


    Fancy a new dungeon crawler on your PlayStation Vita? Heroes of Loot should do the trick.


    It’s actually a combination of traditional dungeon crawler with an arcade shooter. Each of the different classes you play as has projectile weapons, including the warrior, who just chucks swords at its enemies like it is nothing. There’s also a valkyrie who lobs daggers, an elf that fires arrows, and a wizard that casts magical spells.


    Heroes of Loot also has roguelike elements including permadeath, random quests, and randomly generated dungeons. As you descend the dungeon, you’ll find new and tougher monsters, as well as bigger and better loot.


    “There are a lot of players who will reach level 30 or 40 and say ‘well, now it’s boring, I’ve seen it all’ but they most likely still have very rare items to uncover or run into different monsters,” says creator Pascal Bestebroer, so keep that in mind.


    Heroes of Loot is also available on PC, iOS, and Android – find links to the stores on its website.

    Chris Priestman

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