Hey Dorothy, Something Tells Us We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

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Sunsoft are running around with their Nightmare Project series right now, which is looking to make some really horrifying works of fiction. Their latest? Way to Travel the World of Oz. It’s a visual novel adventure game for smartphones, starring familiar characters like Dorothy and Toto in a re-imagined story that’s got just a hint of the darkness within, despite the sunny visuals and harmless looking companions.




Here, Dorothy’s lost her memories in her trip to Oz. Only remembering Toto her little doggy, she’s met by some of the oddest creatures she’s ever seen. Scarecrow seems like a good-hearted sort, despite following along for the promise of a brain. But why is he always packing a knife? Then there’s Lion, who seems pointlessly insolent as a young white lion destined one day to rule his own pack. Jack the Robot is ruthlessly efficient, so much so that it wants a heart to call its own. Or are its actions as a tenderhearted companion indicating it never really needed one?



The game will regularly feature choose-your-own-path moments for players to make a choice before continuing on with the story. This will affect the ending, though to what ends and whether this mean Dorothy gets to go home is a mystery.


Way to Travel the World of Oz is available on your iOS and Android now.

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