Hey There Space Cats, Ulala Is A Guest In Sega’s DOTA-Like Game

We have a swinging special report, Sega is bringing Space Chanel 5’s newscaster Ulala and her arch-robot nemesis Evila as skin changes for their multiplayer online battle arena (moba) game Chaos Heroes Online. The skins will replace Silk and Medusa’s characters respectively. The Morolian race also make an appearance as a reskin of the various AI-controlled minions that march from both side’s bases.

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Sega brought Chaos Heroes Online to Japan earlier this year after picking up the license to localize the game from Korean developers Neoact. Sega added their own characters to Chaos Heroes including Alicia Melchiott and Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles (with swimsuits).




010MOBA games are fast growing worldwide, what with the League of Legends World Championship Season 3 currently ongoing and Valve’s earlier The International garnering worldwide attention. Considering, League of Legends just brought a newscaster reskin for Janna, the timing could be coincidental or a fun idea taken further by Sega.


Chaos Heroes Online is available now on PC.

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