Hide All Sharp Objects! These Girls From Yandere Hell Are Crazy

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Some of you may have had odd girlfriends (or boyfriends) in the past, but I don’t think they have anything on the girls from Nippon Ichi’s upcoming visual novel, I Thought It’d Be Harem Paradise But It Turned Out Yandere Hell. We previously got a look at their sweeter sides, but the latest report reminds us that roses have thorns—and by thorns, we mean baseball bats, scissors and knives.


Haruka Arisue:


Her excessive love towards the protagonist sets Haruka off with violence. Early on was simply just a bit clingy towards him, but after a certain incident, her remarks towards him began to steadily escalate.


Haruka can’t control her jealousy and desire to possess the protagonist, which leads to violent actions… where even her most loved man is no longer safe.


Kanna Toutoumi:


Stalking, wiretapping, and secretly taking photographs are just some of the things Kanna does in an attempt to have the protagonist all to herself. She even has a room with an entire wall dedicated to a collage of pictures of the guy!


After the certain incident, it is said that Kanna disappeared for some reason. She won’t be showing herself much, but as the story goes along, you’ll notice a stalker, and an uncomfortable feeling of being watched.


Sayuri Miyasu:


Sayuri’s goal was to apply all of the protagonists ideals onto herself, so she could finally imprison him. While she may seem like the most decent one out of the other girls, she’s actually the most mentally unstable.


She takes little things from the protagonist, such as used straws, hair, and nails, so she can add it to her collection. She loves him so much that she could just about eat him, and literally, not in a cute way. After the incident, she actually imprisoned the protagonist and tried to “take care” of him.




For some reason, a blood soaked costume of Izaemon was found at the horrific crime scene in town. As the story goes on, the protagonist’s heart will slowly start being engulfed by a dark feeling of suspicion as to who could’ve been wearing the costume.


While the costume itself might look cute, just thinking about the creepy thoughts of the person who wore it, is enough to make you think twice about the girls you first thought was a harem paradise.


I thought it’d be Harem Paradise but it Turned Out Yandere Hell will be released on April 24th, 2014 for PlayStation 3 in Japan.

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