Hideki Kamiya Wants To Do A Viewtiful Joe Or DMC Remake, And A Dante x Bayonetta Crossover



PlatinumGames game designer and director Hideki Kamiya is known for terrorizing Twitter on a daily basis and his legendary titles he worked on during his days with Capcom. In this week’s Dengeki PlayStation, he had a little message for his former employers about some games he’d like to help them make. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Here’s what Kamiya said in the interview:

“I want to work on a Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe remake, or a true sequel for Okami. A cooperation with Dante (from Devil May Cry) and Bayonetta might also be fun. Dear Capcom, if it’s okay with someone like me, I will help anytime. Best regards. Everyone, bow down your heads together with me!”


Hideki Kamiya worked as the director for Resident Evil 2 (1996), Devil May Cry (2001), Viewtiful Joe (2003), Viewtiful Joe 2 (2004), Okami (2006), Bayonetta (2009), The Wonderful 101 (2013). He was also working as the director for Scalebound which was canceled earlier this year.

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