Hideo Kojima Teases Two New Games In Development

Hideo Kojima New Games

In a new end-of-year column on Famitsu, Hideo Kojima teased that Kojima Productions is working on two new games. While he didn’t reveal any key details concerning the plot or setting, he did give some important descriptors. Additionally, Kojima also reiterated his interest in exploring non-video game media. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

At the end of each year, Famitsu interviews game creators from around Japan to discuss their ongoing projects and plans for the next year. This year, Famitsu interviewed 127 game creators including Hideo Kojima, who discussed his aspirations for 2022.

Kojima teased that the studio is working on two games: a “big” title and a “new, challenging” title. Notably, Kojima specifically used the term “new” to describe the second “challenging” title, possibly indicating a new IP.

Furthermore, Kojima hoped to take a step into the entertainment industry in the next year. Kojima Productions recently announced the opening of a new TV and music division in Los Angeles. Kojima added that streaming will continue to make a strong impact on the way people run businesses and create art in 2022. He expressed an interest in recovering the studio’s pre-pandemic speediness and flexibility.

In the same column, Famitsu interviewed a host of other prominent game creators. These included Final Fantasy XIV‘s Naoto Yoshida and Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya, among many others.

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