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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be an open-world game that takes place in the vast desert of Afghanistan, and various other countries. The game will also feature a prologue, this time known as Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Series creator Hideo Kojima demonstrated the game’s opening stage at Tokyo Game Show.



The footage starts at the 5:40 mark with the opening video. While we may have seen the same trailer earlier this year, this is actually the finalized version with credits. Kojima comments that this cutscene, along with about 90% of the scenes in the entire game, are done in a one-shot fashion, describing it as a recording done by a single cameraman.


Some of you may know that Hideo Kojima is a film enthusiast, and he actually wanted make the game look like a feature film by having multiple angles, but he held himself back and stuck to one angle, for the most part, in order to give it a more immersive feeling.


In addition to the cutscenes being done in one-shot, they will also be done in a seamless manner, where the gameplay will connect directly to the scene, and start where it ends. While Kojima was told to not say anything about this ahead of time, he went ahead and revealed that keeping an eye open for clues during the cutscenes will be something to look forward to in the game.



What we see in the gameplay footage is considered “complete,” but Kojima Productions are constantly making adjustments to aspects of the visuals such as lighting and modeling, so we might end up seeing something completely different by the time it is released, according to the director.


As previously stated in an earlier interview, Kojima reiterates that every area you see in the cutscenes will be possible to visit during gameplay. The Ground Zeroes part will act as a prologue to the main game of Metal Gear Solid V, which will be used as a way to get used to the controls and the overall feel of the game.


During the Ground Zeroes portion, the area will be smaller and the time will remain the same, unlike the later part of the game that takes place in Afghanistan and other locations, and will revolve around a 24-hour clock, in addition to a weather mechanism system. Around the 3:35 mark of the video, we can get a look at how the seamless transition from cutscene to gameplay.


Next, we get a look at the binocular features. This can be used to mark enemies and also gauge their distances. Additionally, by looking at certain places or objects, you can request some background information.


At around 5:39, we see a lens flare effect that goes with a particular sound. This means that if you had been playing the main part of the game, you would’ve been caught. Since the Ground Zeroes part is more of a tutorial stage, you won’t have to worry as much about being seen from far.



In the third part, we see Snake continuing his objective of finding Chico. After finding someone who appears to be Chico hiding under a tent, he makes his move to take out the two guards who are also looking for Chico. In such situation, it will be crucial to take out both of them at the same time, as taking  just one of them out would simply alert the other.


Once you get a hold of one of the guards, you’ll have the choice of killing, knocking out or questioning the target. In this scenario, Snake uses him to  call out his partner, in order to successfully take out the two at the same time. After saving Chico, the next step is to find a way out, by calling a helicopter.


By using the overview map, you’ll be prompted to look for areas with a circle to land the chopper. The white circles are safe landing spots, but they’re a bit further away. In the footage, they decide to go with a much closer red circle, which also means danger.


While KojiPro did try returning to the previous area with the hidden vehicle during the demo, it appears as if someone drove it away, which means Snake has to run to the landing spot. Enemies will notice the helicopter and will attempt to shoot it down, so it will be important to take them out along the way. The main part of the game will have multiple helicopters, but in Ground Zeroes, you’ll only have one.


At around 3:00, we get a look at the slow motion bullet time feature that will be used to “help out” during Ground Zeroes. This feature starts out with the classic Metal Gear “!” mark. We get another look at it at 3:25, but this time, Snake throws the body he was originally going to hide, at another guard to knock him out.


After reaching the helicopter, you’ll be required to take out any assailants before and during take off to get out safely. At around 5:02 we see Snake get hit by a shot, which is indicated by a red marker on the screen interface. This will help you know which direction the shots are coming from.


The last part of the footage was actually made for the Tokyo Game Show demo, and won’t be part of the game. After Snake puts the “Kojima Productions” badge ON, it is then revealed that the person they saved wasn’t Chico, but aN S-Rank cardboard box maker, who is nonetheless welcomed to the team by Kaz.


The footage humorously concludes with Kaz informing Snake that Chico’s location cannot be revealed at Tokyo Game Show, and that the objective of saving Chico and Paz will continue on the full version.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is in development for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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