Today, Xenoblade Chronicles X director Tetsuya Takahashi introduced the last of the external artists that Monolith Soft are collaborating with to create the look of the game.


“The introduction of outside designers ends with Mr. Hideyuki Matsumoto,” Takahashi said on Twitter. “We both worked at the same company before and he helped out with Xenosaga, too. He’s very knowledgeable about things related to weaponry, so for this project I put him mainly in charge of designing the weapons the characters will use.”



When Takahashi says he and Matsumoto used to work at the same company, he’s referring to their time together at Squaresoft. Matsumoto has worked on a number of games, including Front Mission 4 and 5, Project Sylpheed, At Tonelico, and Armored Core 3. He’s also worked on anime, such as Zettai Karen Children. You can find his website here. The weapon design on the right (not from Xenoblade) is one of his.


Meanwhile, Takahashi says, background design for Xenoblade Chronicles X was handled by a firm named the Kusanagi Company.


“They’re a professional group used to creating 3D models based on drawings, so I can always leave things to them without worrying,” Takahashi said. The Kusanagi Company’s website can be found here. In the past, they’ve worked on the Nintendo DS version of Ni no Kuni, backgrounds for the anime cutscenes in Persona 4, and more.


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