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High School DxD New Fight Updates Adds Even More Dress Breaking



High School DxD New Fight is a free-to-play harem action title by Marvelous, that lets you recruit girls by destroying their clothes. A new update for the game, called “Even More Dress Breaking!” adds… well, more dress breaking.


The update adds the following:


  • Over 170 character cards


  • New scenario


  • New guide characters


  • New system


In commemoration of the update, Marvelous are also holding a special campaign that features special characters for everyone to get.


002As the first part of the campaign, newly registered players can get SR-ramk ED Xenovia, while players who are currently playing get HR-rank Mascot Koneko Toujou.



The second campaign bonus is an HR-rank Popsicle Koneko Toujou, which goes to players that haven’t played the game in over 30 days.


004 005

Finally, the third bonus is for newly registered players who register with their email addresses, who get SR-ranked ED Rias Gremory and ED Asia Argento.

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