Higurashi “Answer” Arc Gets Discounted Bundle

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Bundles! Everyone loves bundles — including MangaGamer, who gave us a heads up that Higurashi When They Cry’s “Answer” arc (ie; the entire second half of the story) is being bundled into a 34.95 Euro (US$ 47.81) package.


Here’s a quick description of each chapter from the folks at MG:



The first of Answer arcs, Meakashi is told from the perspective of Shion Sonozaki, and begins to shed some light on the truth behind chapter two, Watanagashi. This chapter begins long before Keiichi moves to Hinamizawa and also reveals the story of Satoshi and his disappearance.



All seems to be going well for the characters in this series until Rena’s family encounters its share of trouble. Rena decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back to protect her father. But can she go through with it? Can she really find a way to save her father and bring happiness to them all?

And what secrets lie written within Miyo’s scrapbook? Will Rena be forced to face Oyashiro-sama’s curse again this year? Will she be the one to find herself demoned away? Has Keiichi finally started to recall the tragedies that befell him before? Will any of them be able to atone for their sins?



When our story begins, Rika is barely able to suppress her surprise — all the dice were coming up 6s. There was little more she could ask for. Would this finally be the chance to avoid the Hinamizawa Tragedy? Luck was on her side, and Rika couldn’t help but finally hold hope, when the law of averages took over and the dice came up 1. Will they be able to work together to pull off another miracle and overturn the dice?

What about the fates of Tomitake Jirou, Takano Miyo, and Furude Rika herself? Are Oyashiro-sama’s Curse and the Hinamizawa Disaster truly an unavoidable destiny, or is there something pulling all the strings behind the scenes?



All the players and all the pieces have finally been arranged. This will be the end one way or another, but will be the end Rika and the others seek? Or will it be the end they’re struggling so hard to prevent?

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