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Himoto! Umaru-chan Is Getting A PlayStation Vita Game



Himoto! Umaru-chan’s anime will begin airing next month, and Umaru is also going to star in her own PlayStation Vita game, developed by FuRyu, this winter. This week’s Japanese videogame magazines share more details. [Thanks, Hachima.]


In Himoto! Umaru-chan: Himoto Upbringing Project, Umaru is enjoying a lazy summer, but her brother Taihei decides that she can’t go on like that, so he decides to be a big jerk and confiscates all of her belongings.


Facing a huge dilemma, Umaru-chan must find a way to become a “himoto” again. In case you’re wondering, “himoto” is a pun on “imoto” (little sister) and “himono” (dried fish,) which is kind of a slang term meaning a girl who is normal or proper in public while being a slouch at home.


While there aren’t too many details as far as gameplay goes, the genre for the game is an “upbringing simulation,” so it sounds like it’ll be some kind of… Umaru pet raising game, except you’ll probably have to feed Umaru potato chips and cola, while going out to buy her Weekly Jump magazines.


The game will cost 6,800 yen plus tax for the standard edition, while the limited edition will include a special booklet, drama CD, bath poster, original “Idol Costume” DLC code, four different case covers, and a special packaging box, for 9,980 yen plus tax. Preorder bonuses include a code for a “swimsuit Santa” costume.


Himoto! Umaru-chan: Himoto Upbringing Project will release in Japan this winter for PlayStation Vita.

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