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Himoto! Umaru-chan Shows The Best Of Her Two Sides On PlayStation Vita



With the anime for Himoto! Umaru-chan premiering next week, FuRyu revealed that they’re working on a PlayStation Vita game, where you’ll get to take care of Umaru. The game’s official website shares a first look along with some gameplay details.


Things aren’t going great for Umaru in Himoto! Umaru-chan: Himoto Upbringing Project, as her older brother Taihei decided to confiscate her belongings so that she stops being lazy during the summer.


It’ll be up to you to help out Umaru with her habits, so that she can make it through the summer.



The above shows us a look at the “Upbringing” part of the game. During this part, she’ll be in her famous lazy slouch chib-form, where she’ll lounge around at home.


The stats shown on the side are Knowledge, Game, Exercise, and Housework. The bottom shows Active Power, EXP, and HP. You can also see her favorite “poteito chips” and cola in the back, along with a PlayStation Vita on the floor.



When she’s not being a slouch at home, she’ll be her proper form in public, and this is where the story will be told in visual novel-like fashion during the “Adventure” part.



The story will change depending on what kind of choices you make. The above screenshot shows Umaru being a little disappointed in her brother Taihei.


Additionally, the heroines are fully-voiced by the voice actresses from the upcoming anime. There are also numerous original event graphics in the game.


Himoto! Umaru-chan: Himoto Upbringing Project will release in Japan sometime in Winter 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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