Hironobu Sakaguchi Is Working On A New Game Alongside Terra Battle In 2016



Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has been working on the smartphone game Terra Battle since its release in October 2014, and he recently spoke with Famitsu to about some of his plans for 2016.



When talking about his ambitions for the new year,  Sakaguchi said that he’ll be working on major updates for Terra Battle, which includes the scenario by Yasumi Matsuno and a new development that will start from Chapter 35.


In addition to working hard on Terra Battle in 2016, he says that he plans to advance through the production of a new title at the same time. The Final Fantasy creator is thinking about making original with a new worldview for the said title.



As for Sakaguchi’s word for 2016, he shared the above image.


[Photograph courtesy Famitsu.]

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