Hironobu Sakaguchi Teases A First Look At The Heroine And Artwork For New Mistwalker Game

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Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is expected to reveal a new game for his company Mistwalker on June 22, but we got a sneak peek look at its heroine and other characters from a recent live stream.


The above footage from the live stream features several slides of artwork and CG and sketches made for CG designs.



The above is a look at the heroine named “Sara” who was revealed during the live stream.





They also showed CG design work using the illustrations with red lines as an example. That means the game will have 3D elements unlike Mistwalker’s latest title Terra Battle which is fully 2D.





The above is a look at the characters called the “Triplets.” Not much is known about them, but Sakaguchi-san pointed out that the one in the middle has the word “Ichi” (イチ) meaning “one” below his right eye. However, we don’t know why they’re crying.




Some more design work for the triplets.





The above is a look at some more teaser images for monsters we’ll see in the game.




The monster also appears to be getting some CG design work as well, like the other characters.


No further information was shared about Mistwalker’s mystery title, but we now know that it’ll have some 3D parts and a heroine named Sara. We’ll learn more about the game when Mistwalker reveals it on June 22, 2017.

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