A Hole New World Brings NES-Level Difficulty While Flipping The World Upside Down



A Hole New World is a sidescrolling platforming that looks to emulate the challenges of NES and other retro games, but it makes things even more difficult at times by making the player play upside-down.



As a potion master, it’s up to the player to stem the flow of evil creatures that are breaking into their world from the Upside Down World. Players will use a variety of brewed potions with different effects, such as freezing, exploding, and setting foes ablaze, while also using double jumps and an array of attacking abilities to beat back these monsters across five worlds.


Players will not only have to deal with complex attacks from thirty different types of monsters while factoring in throwing arcs and other attack nuances, but they’ll also have to periodically use all of their abilities while upside-down. Should players tumble into a hole, they will find themselves inside the Upside Down World, standing on the ceiling and having to deal with the extra challenges from playing this way.




Players will find themselves unlocking new abilities with every boss they beat, quickly adding to their potion-flinging arsenal. Depending on certain aspects of how players go through the game, they’ll also be able to unlock several different endings.


A Hole New World is currently offering a different perspective on retro challenge on Steam.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!