HoloCure Will Arrive on Steam with Update 0.6

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The fan-made Hololive game HoloCure will be officially available to download via Steam. Developer Kay Yu’s announcement was made via a document in English and Japanese posted on the game’s Twitter account following the same style as a VTuber agency’s official statement. In addition, the existing game launcher will no longer be supported.

Take a look at the official HoloCure statement in English from the game’s Twitter account below.

Kay Yu explained that the Hololive fan-game launcher will be discontinued, in exchange for Steam being the main storefront for downloading and updating the game. On the same note, the Steam release will arrive when update 0.6 is finished. Additionally, all progress made prior to the relocation will be carried over to the Steam version.

Before the game launcher, updates for HoloCure would mean going to the game’s official site and downloading them separately. With the Steam version, updates will be downloaded and installed automatically like other games on the platform. However, players can copy and back up the “save_n.dat” file from the game folder as a precautionary measure. The portal will also keep posting each new update as per usual.

According to the statement, the development team reached out to Cover Corp, Hololive’s parent company, and received the approval to continue in the new storefront as an unofficial free fan-game. Moreover, HoloCure’s creator Kay Yu explained the announcement was intentionally written in a worrying style as a joke. Furthermore, a teaser for the game’s new update was also shared.

As a reminder, the most recent game update for HoloCure brought even more Japanese VTubers as playable characters. These included Hololive 1st and 2nd generation members. There are now 24 available, each with various skills and alternative skins. More content is planned to arrive with later updates.

HoloCure is readily available for PC via download. There is no official release date yet for Steam.

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